Wind chimes

A nod to his childlike playfulness.

Mostafa Nasergivechi
2 min readFeb 2, 2021

The light in my parent’s house kitchen. The little metal wind chimes hanging of it. Curtesy of Dad. Now almost ten years later after taking them I am publishing them for the first time and they conjure up a lot of memories and meaning for me. Dad was making lights for a while. His uncle was designing them and he was building them. I am not entirely sure but it is very possible that this is one of those.

The light is hanging on top of the kitchen table. The table in a generous dining/kitchen space. The heart of the house. The place that we spend a lot of time together as a family. A lot of real moments that I didn’t fully grasp at the time. But now after all these years of being away I fully appreciate.

Like many houses, the dining table is where a lot of life happens. I convinced my dad to support me in my adventure of leaving home and going overseas for studying, sitting at the same table. We have spend endless hours around the same table talking, laughing, crying and living with immediate and extended family.

Dad hung the Chimes from the light and he flicked them every now and then which made that soft tone. I can still hear it. A really good abstraction of his charm and playfulness. Now he is much older and softer than I remember. I miss him. I wish to spend more time with him. Hopefully I get to do that again.

No matter how abstract, if you know the story, simple visuals can evoke a lot of emotions. Perhaps that’s why I wanted to share these photos. Their warm and colorful mood reminds me of a lot of good memories.

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